All About mCoupons

Shop A Docket® makes finding great offers on your mobile phone simple, accessible and local.

Our mCoupon platform has been developed to make searching for offers and redeeming them quick and easy – there is no need to download an app; you can simply use your smartphone's internet browser. When you visit on your mobile phone, it will automatically redirect you to the mobile site.

We’ve incorporated the latest GPS technology, providing you with the ability to locate offers near you wherever you are. So now not only can you use the coupons on shopping receipts, the offers are available to you anywhere on your phone.

To easily access the Shop A Docket mobile site, save it to your Home Screen from within the browser.

Here's some of the great features of Shop A Docket® mCoupons:

The landing page of the Shop A Docket mobile site.

On Arrival Begin Your Search

When you visit on your mobile phone you are automatically redirected to Once you arrive you can enter a suburb or postcode, or use the GPS on your phone to select your location.

Further refine your search using the drop down Category menu, which includes:

All Categories - Automotive - Cafe - Entertainment - Fast Food - Hair and Beauty - Health and Fitness - Pizza - Restaurants - Retail - Trades and Services - Travel and Accommodation - Video.

You then tap "Search" for offers.

More information about how Shop A Docket searches for offers is provided.


Easy to Scroll Search Results

When you arrive at the home page, offers appear according to the location entered and the category selected. Scroll down to view coupons, then tap on the offer to view its details.

In some instances offers may be displayed which do not appear local. This is because an advertiser has requested than an offer be made available in that area.

You can perform a new search at any time from the Search button in the menu. When you return to the site, your last search results are displayed.

Search Results allow to quickly see available offers.

View an Offer

The View Deal page lets you redeem, share or get more information.
Make an enquiry to start your Shop A Docket mobile coupon campaign.

Coupon Offer Details Clearly Displayed

The details on the coupon are available to read.

Scrolling down, you can see the details of the coupon's offers.
By clicking on these buttons you can see details
of an offer, Conditions and “Valid Until” date.

Address and Phone Number Can Be Mapped or Called
Contact details allow you to map an offer or call a store.

If an address and phone number has been provided to Shop A Docket
for an offer to be redeemed, this information is available. By selecting
the Map or Phone icons, you can get directions to the business location or call them.




Redemption Is Easy

When you wish to redeem a coupon, show the coupon on your mobile phone to the person serving you at the time of ordering.
Redeeming a coupon is a simple two-click process.  

When you are ready to redeem your offer, at time of payment, show the offer to the cashier and then tap the “Redeem” button.


When the "Redeem" button is selected, a question is asked to confirm if you are ready to redeem. If so, select "OK".


When you press “OK” a REDEEMED stamp will appear on the screen, along with a date and time advising when you can next redeem the offer. A unique cashier code is provided allowing the cashier to record the redemption.

  At this stage, we offer a simple redemption process which allows you to redeem an offer once every 24 hours on an individual phone. An offer may have Conditions, which you can view by scrolling down. These Conditions still apply.

Save Coupons to the Docketbook

The Docketbook let's you save coupons and share between devices.
  If a you wish to save an offer so you can quickly access it at another time, do this by adding to the Docketbook.  By logging in a you can also share your coupons between devices, such as a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.  

My Docketbook shows the coupons saved in your Docketbook.

Coupons are automatically removed upon expiry.

The simple to use main menu.

Easy To Use Menu

There are additional options through the menu to be able to go directly to regions around the country, sort by category, update their profile, learn more about Shop A Docket, or contact us.

More Options and Site Map
On each page you can view the Site Map.

At the bottom of each Search Results page, you can select "Show More Offers", where the search results will continue to be delivered.

On every page, when you select "More Options" the Site Map appears, allowing you to go to all areas of the site, including the full Shop A Docket website.

Make an enquiry to start your Shop A Docket mobile coupon campaign.

Some images provided courtesy of PlaceIt by Breezi.