Support & FAQs


How do I sign-up to receive local deals, coupons and offer?

There are three ways to join us at 1) Download and install the app; 2) Follow the prompts when you land on our homepage or go to use an offer; or 3) Click Join in the top navigation or footer of the main website.

How do I update my profile or preferences?

To update your details go to the profile tab and click on My Details to update your details.

How do I remove an unlocked offer from My Offers?

Swipe left on an offer tile in the My Offers page and press the delete button.

How do I remove items from my history?

Swipe left on an offer tile and press the delete button.

How do I print a coupon?

You can print coupons through the website; however both the mobile web and our mobile app produce unique codes that can be used at the point of purchase. Some offers will say "Unique Printouts Only Accepted". This means that if you need multiple coupons, you will need to do the print action multiple times to generate multiple codes.

Why can’t I find an offer that I found on a in-store docket on your website or app?

Unfortunately some advertisers only make their offers available via a in-store docket. You will also find that some offers are available on our website or app, but not on the in-store dockets.

Can I use a mobile coupon the same way I can use a print coupon?

All coupons on the website may be used as a print or digital coupon. Each coupon may have different terms and conditions of use and its recommended you check the terms before going to use your coupon.

What happens when an advertiser will not accept the offer or coupon under the terms advertised?

Please contact us through the app or at

How come I never win the game?

On average we have around 700+ plays per day so there's lots of competition. Best advice is to keep trying!


How does Cashback differ from other rewards or discount programs?

Shopasave's Cashback is a new unique way of saving. Simply tap/pay with your registered card as you would normally do and the Cashback savings will automatically be assigned to your personal e-wallet (Shopasave Wallet) in your Shopasave account.

What is Shopasave Wallet?

Cashback that is earned at partner businesses are stored in the Wallet section of the App. All of your individual Cashback savings are held here in the Wallet.

How do I find businesses offering Cashback?

Nearby partner businesses are automatically presented in the Cashback stream on your Home Page. If you wish to look for a particular venue, tap on the Offer from your Home Page and you will see all the available venues on a map. Simply swipe the venue details to loop through the venues. If you have location permissions enabled, you should see the approximate straight-line distance from the venue to your current location.

How can I earn Cashback savings?

Cashback savings are automatically accrued as you pay with the debit or credit card linked to your Shopasave account in our partner businesses. You will receive notifications to phone and Cashbacks are also recorded in the Inbox section.

What bank card can I use?

You can use ANY Australian debit or credit Visa or Mastercard.

How do Shopasave secure my details?

Your card details are encrypted and passed directly to either Visa or Mastercard alongside your Shopasave User ID. Card details are not stored by Shopasave. Your Shopasave User ID is then used as a means by which transactions are communicated between ourselves and Visa or Mastercard.

How do I register my Visa or Mastercard details

Linking your card could not be easier. If you haven't done so already, simply go to your Wallet page and tap "Get Started". You will then be prompted to link your Visa or Mastercard. You can unlink your card at any time in the Manage Cards page. You can have a maximum of 4 linked cards, 2 Visa and 2 Mastercards.

How can I get Cashback?

You earn Cashback by simply registering your Visa or Mastercard details with Shopasave. Simply pay your bill in one of our partner businesses with one of your linked cards as you normally would and start earning real Cashback savings. Cashback savings are lodged into your personal e-Wallet which can be withdrawn as soon as $35 savings have been accrued. This can be paid directly into your associated bank account at any point, as a lump sum or by whatever amount you choose to withdraw. You may even choose to leave it there as a means of saving for a special occasion.

I've already linked a card, why is my bonus not showing?

Any bonuses you earn will be displayed as soon as you've completed an in-store transaction with one of our partnered merchants.

How do I keep track of Discounts or Savings?

For most offers, you will receive a notification directly to your phone giving details of your Cashback. All Cashback notifications are also recorded as individual transactions within the Inbox section of the App. A cumumlative record of all current savings can be viewed in the My Wallet page.

What is the difference between Hot Offer and Everday Cashback?

Many businesses have chosen to offer introductory discounts to first-time visitors and these are denoted within each listing as a hot-offer. Our partner businesses then reward your loyalty by guaranteeing a level of Everyday Cashback to encourage you to return and enjoy their offering.

How long does it take to receive my Cashback?

The majority of the Cashbacks are delivered within a few seconds of you completing your purchase. You will receive a notification to your phone, allowing you to enjoy the savings alongside your purchase and boast to your friends. The notifications for approximately 10% of transactions completed are delayed by bank processing and depend on the relationship between your individual Bank and the Merchants EFTPOS provider. In these cases, Shopasave will process your reward as soon as we receive the details of your purchase from your bank.

Why do I need to select the "Credit" option when using a pin?

Visa and Mastercard only send Shopasave the transaction details when you choose "Credit". We won't be notified of your purchase if you make a different selection. If you want to ensure you receive a reward, you need to choose the credit option when asked to enter your pin.


Why am I unable to sign in?

Tap forgot password to set a new password, if that fails try to sign up again. If it's still not working please send us a message and we will help you resolve it.

What happens if the App doesn't work properly or is always crashing?

Try clearing your App data or uninstalling and reinstalling the App.

Still unsure and need help?

Please use one of the buttons below to contact our support team. We'll aim to respond as soon as possible, but please allow up to 72 hours in case the team is experiencing higher than usual enquiries.