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Adelaide Academy Of Karate-Do Shoto

Gilles Plains SA

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•	JKA Shotokan Karate
•	Self defense & fitness
•	Strength & conditioning
•	Moving meditation
•	Life skills for all ages

David Rigby 4th Dan JKA

Japan Karate Association Adelaide

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About Adelaide Academy Of Karate-Do Shoto

Train at Adelaide Academy Of Karate-Do Shoto and learn with David Rigby Sensei 4th Dan JKA the traditional Japanese martial art of disciplined self defence, practised by thousands of all ages throughout the world. Karate does not stop at self defence, but builds strength, fitness, self control, confidence, and mental concentration
Men – Women – Teenagers – Children: “Karate For Life”

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  • 3/615 North East Road, Gilles Plains, 5086, SA