Porcelain Crown $1190

Porcelain Crown $1190

Dr Basil's Clinic

Annerley QLD

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Porcelain Crown $1190

Porcelain Crown $1190 (Australian Made)

About Dr Basil's Clinic

Dr Basil is highly educated and experienced, he is thorough, scientific in his approach and highly skilled. He will give everyone an honest, fair appraisal of your dental health and assess other areas such as breathing, sleep, development of jaws/teeth and facial muscle/skin health to enhance your smile and your overall facial appearance with a genuine interest in improving your general health and well-being.

Terms and Conditions

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Dr Basil's Clinic Terms & Conditions

Must have initial consultation prior to crown $55 and Xray $40 (each). 50% deposit required at time of booking.

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  • 268, Ipswich Road, Annerley, 4103, QLD