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3 Lessons Free

Forte Music Applecross

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3 Lessons Free

3 Lessons Free
 Jungle Babies Classes (6 Months-18 months old)
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About Forte Music Applecross

At Forte Applecross, we teach music to children as little as 6 months of age to adults and seniors alike, it is really an enrichment program for children to develop in so many ways, they learn how to learn, they learn how to listen, they learn how to deal with and cope in situations in which could be slightly uncomfortable for them and they learn in a lot of social and…social interaction and behave in class as well, and we believe in giving a lot of performance opportunities in the classroom and out of the classroom as well.

In true performance opportunities, children learn how to build confidence, children learn how to deal with stress, children learn how to set an objective and work hard towards it, they learn how to be resilient because if you can’t do something well the first time, they learn how to pick themselves up and continue going at it and it is just so encouraging to see them all learn how to support and encourage each other, it’s very nurturing as well, so in addition to all these life skills that you gain at a Forte lesson, you get to learn some music as well!

We have curriculums catered for people of different age groups, so we start up with our Jungle Music Program which is for children between 6 months of age till 3 and a half years old, so lessons are really fun and engaging, we use a lot of musical instruments, props, colours. There is a lot of counting, there is a lot of numbers and a lot of interaction going on, so it’s a great place for parents and child to bond, so it’s also a great place to introduce them to a little bit of social activity as well.

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