Pest Problem?

Pest Problem?

Havoc Pest Control

Singleton NSW

Save $30.00

This offer has expired

This offer has expired

Pest Problem?

Pest Problem?

 General Pest treatments

$180 house – $140 Units & Townhouses (Save $30) 

Includes: Cockroaches, spiders, Ants & Fleas. 


Rodent Treatment for an extra $30 on all pest jobs. 

Locally owned

About Havoc Pest Control

Havoc Pest Control promote the practice of integrated pest management. When using chemical controls they use the least toxic pesticides which are safer for people, animals and the environment, but effectively target pests and provide ongoing protection. At every job their technicians provide complimentary information to customers on non chemical controls and the best practices to help reduce the reoccurrence of pests.

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  • 5680 New England Highway, Singleton, 2330, NSW