50% Off Initial Consultation Fee

50% Off Initial Consultation Fee

Healthy Feet Podiatry

Highgate SA

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50% Off Initial Consultation Fee

Put your feet in professional hands.

• State of the art diagnosis
• Expert corrective treatments
• Personal care
• Professional advice
• Rehabilitation treatment
• Custom orthotics
• Pain management
• Skin care
• Ongoing support

About Healthy Feet Podiatry

The team at Healthy Feet Podiatry are always happy to answer your questions and help you where we can. Our podiatrists are highly qualified and experienced in podiatry and will take expert care of your feet. Podiatrists specialise in foot problems and problems caused by feet; they are like a doctor but entirely for feet. They use state of the art equipment and the latest innovative techniques to diagnose and treat your feet. You will feel comfortable and relaxed with your feet in the safe hands of our podiatrists.


If you have foot pain or any related conditions or complaints trust our specialist teams at Healthy Feet Podiatry to take professional care of them.

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