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$20 OFF Your First Treatment

IV Health

South Yarra VIC

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$20 OFF Your First Treatment

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IV Health specialises in Intravenous hydration, Vitamin and iron infusions, aimed at managing fatigue and helping your body function at its peak.

About IV Health

IV therapy is key for people wanting to improve their overall health and wellness or experiencing the effects of dehydration or viral illnesses. Be it air pollution, poor diet, stress at work, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of sleep and even over-exercising, over time these toxins and free radicals build up in your body and affect your immune system. Symptoms include low energy, fatigue, poor concentration, poor sleep, low mood, frequent cold/flu, allergies, gut issues and inflammation. IV vitamins (especially the super antioxidants; Vitamin C and Glutathione) may help reduce these symptoms and the effect of toxins and free radicals by swiftly removing them from the bloodstream.

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