First Consultation at Half Price

First Consultation at Half Price

Orange Podiatry Service

Orange NSW

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First Consultation at Half Price

Patrick Raftery Podiatrist.

Service Include:

> General foot care & pain relief

> Diabetic/ingrown toe nails

> Gait assessments & orthotics

> Medicare referrals from GP

> Home & hospital visits available

About Orange Podiatry Service

Whether you’re young or old, have on-going feet issues, have a sport-related problem, have any foot problem in general or simply want to give your feet a little TLC, Orange Podiatry Service is the perfect solution for keeping your feet in tip-top condition and generally making you feel more comfortable.

Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions Apply

Orange Podiatry Service Terms & Conditions

Service include: General foot care & pain relief, diabetic/ingrown toenails, gait assessments & orthotics, medicare referrals from GP, home and hospital visits available


  • 121, Sale St, Orange, 2800, NSW