2 Weeks Free Training

2 Weeks Free Training

Southern Fitness and Martial Arts

Multiple Locations

Bomaderry NSW

Ulladulla NSW

Bomaderry NSW, Ulladulla NSW

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This offer has expired

This offer has expired

2 Weeks Free Training

Kettle Bell
ZUU Fitness
Personal Training
Thai Boxing/Muay Thai
Junior Brazilian Jui-Jitsu
Mini Ninjas (2-3 years)
Little Ninjas (4-7 years)
Junior Kick-defence (8-13 years)

About Southern Fitness and Martial Arts

Southern Fitness and Martial Arts is considered the best Martial Arts and Fitness Centre on the South Coast. Members range from absolute beginners through to professional fighters of all ages. On top of the regular classes they also offer specialised Self Defence services individually or in small groups, women only classes and anti bullying solutions for kids and teens.

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