$99 Car Service Special

$99 Car Service Special

Wangaratta Automotive Service Centr

Wangaratta VIC

Save $31.00

This offer has expired

This offer has expired

$99 Car Service Special

$99 car service special

12 months interest free*


• Oil and oil filter (up to 5ltr)

• Full brake and suspension check

• Radiator pressure test

• Test drive and report

• Safety inspection and report.

Ending soon

About Wangaratta Automotive Service Centr

Wangaratta Automotive Service Centre is the specialist in automotive repairs for all vehicles. They have qualified mechanics to service your vehicle, covering general service, log book service & auto electrical repairs.


Their specialised technicians have decades of experience that gives customers the confidence to know their vehicles are serviced to manufacturers' standards, maintaining warranty.

Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions Apply

Wangaratta Automotive Service Centr Terms & Conditions

*For approved customers.

Some vehicles may include surcharge. Semi synthetic oil, full synthetic oil, diesel oil and 4WD will incur extra cost.