Foot Or Ankle Pain?

Foot Or Ankle Pain?

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Foot Or Ankle Pain?

Foot Or Ankle Pain? Present this shop a docket to receive gap free orthotics
 Specialist Podiatric Surgeon consulting
• Bunions
• Heel Spurs
• Flat Feet
• Fungal nails
• Hammer toes
• Ingrown toe nails
• Corns & calluses
• Warts
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About Adelaide Foot and Ankle - Semaphore

At Semaphore Footcare Clinic we understand that every foot is just as unique as every individual that’s why we ‘listen to what your feet have to say’. No matter what your age, occupation, lifestyle or sporting talents we can provide you with specialist footcare for your foot concerns.


Treatment is provided through a qualified, registered, professional and experienced practitioner all within a friendly and caring environment. Experience in the field of podiatry has included Aged Care, Children, Sports, Diabetes Management, Nail Surgery and General podiatry. Furthermore a commitment to ongoing continued professional development, attendance of seminars and workshops and utilisation of clinical evidence based methods is our guarantee of optimum footcare.

Our services include management and treatment of recurrent sporting injuries, generalized foot pain, diabetes footcare, plantar fasciitis and heel pain, toenail management and general foot pathologies such as corns, calluses and warts.

Treatment modalities are wide and varied ranging from Foot Mobilisation, Shockwave Therapy, Orthoses, video gait analysis and 3D laser scanning. Our goal is simple yet effective, to provide the best footcare with optimum results.

Hence when attending Semaphore Footcare Clinic you can be assured that you will be provided with a thorough assessment and treatment followed by discussion relating to your podiatric needs. We aim to allow patients to make informed decisions about their footcare needs and work closely with them to achieve this. Our guarantee to you is that when you leave the practice you will not leave feeling unsure about your decision or treatment plan.

Our patients are important to us and management of each individuals footcare needs becomes a priority when establishing successful outcomes.

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