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Melbourne IVF

Dr Hossam Elzeiny

East Melbourne VIC

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Melbourne IVF

Melbourne IVF
 Fertility Specialist
Laparoscopic surgery

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We are open Monday to Friday 7.30am to 3.30pm,

About Dr Hossam Elzeiny

Dr Hossam Elzeiny

  • Reproductive Endocrinologist,
  • Fertility Specialist, Andrologist,
  • Gynecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon.
Dr Hossam Elzeiny is one of Australia’s most experienced fertility specialists and operative Gynaecologists as well as being a highly skilled reproductive microsurgeon. Dr Hossam Elzeiny a certified fertility specialist, Reproductive endocrinologist, Andrologist and gynaecologist based at Melbourne IVF. Dr Elzeiny is the Clinical Director of the Reproductive Services Unit at the Royal Women’s hospital in Melbourne involved in the teaching of medical students and supervision of trainee gynaecologists and fertility specialists as well as teaching and performing reproductive surgery. Dr Elzeiny also holds the position of the Clinical Director of Epping satellite clinic for Melbourne IVF.

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  • Suite 114, 320 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne, 3002, VIC