General Urological Surgeon

General Urological Surgeon

Jo Schoeman Urologist

Auchenflower QLD

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General Urological Surgeon

Located at the Wesley Hospital, Dr Jo Schoeman is a General Urological Surgeon providing treatment for -

• Prostate Cancer
• Benign Prostate enlargement
• Urinary Incontinence and the Overactive Bladder

About Jo Schoeman Urologist

Dr Jo Schoeman is a general Urologist with a wide range of experience. Being the only Urologist in a rural Queensland setup for 5 years, it has equipped him to face any urological challenge. He also sees to general, low-key paediatric urology, such as undescended testes, circumcisions. 

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  • The Wesley Hospital, Suite 10, level 9, Even Thompson Building, 24, Chasley St, Auchenflower, 4066, QLD