Ever Considered Downsizing?

Ever Considered Downsizing?

Your Agency by Allison Heffernan

Hamilton NSW

This offer has expired

This offer has expired

Ever Considered Downsizing?

Our real estate agency is experiencing increased enquiries from people wanting to purchase in your area.

• Thought about possibly "downsizing" & enjoying all that extra cash?

• Maybe you just don't need all those rooms anymore - if the kids have moved on?

• "Timing" is everything in the property game - so why not consider CASHING UP in the present market?

Imagine what you could enjoy with extra cash! Contact Your Agency by Allison Heffernan today.

About Your Agency by Allison Heffernan

Allison Heffernan specialises in the Wangi Wangi, Arcadia Vale, Fishing Point, and Rathmines areas. Being a local resident for over 15 years and many years in management and sales roles, she conveys a calm, professional and caring manner when dealing with her clients. She is known for her elite marketing and negotiation skills and is rewarded by the continual stream of repeat and referral business from many satisfied customers.

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